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Someone once quipped, "I make serious coffee - so strong it wakes up the neighbors!"

New Gano Brand Healthy Coffee

Although coffee has long been the magic elixir that helps us wake up in the morning, as well as stay awake into the wee hours of the night if we need to meet a deadline at work or study for an exam in college, some think of it as the "Devil’s Mouthwash".

Ganoderma has been around for nearly 4,000 years. However, only recently it has been added to coffee beans and coffee grounds to create what many are now calling The Healthy Coffee.

Ganoderma Coffee

The "ganoderma" in Ganoderma Coffee is said to offset some of the acidity in regular coffee and therefore makes it the healthier choice when it comes to coffee consumption. Many people also believe that it helps balance or neutralize the body better than traditional coffee.

Ganoderma coffee is created by combining ground coffee and the extract of the gano or red mushroom, which is also known as Reishi, Ling zhi, Mannentake, or sometimes even Young zhi depending on the region of the world.

The proponents of ganoderma coffee say that the red mushroom extract, which is mixed in the coffee, actually helps you feel better and helps build your body’s immune system.

Ganoderma Coffee comes in many styles and types, but the most common is a coffee mix that can simply be added to hot water just like instant-coffee to create a warm, satisfying drink. This product is offered in Asian Markets and in some specialty stores, but it is most often purchased online. Ganoderma coffee is often called gano coffee, for short.

Gano coffee has become a very popular form of ganoderma, and can be purchased as Black Coffee, Mocha Coffee, and even Latte Coffee. However, it can also available as a supplement in capsule form, and is usually labeled as ganoderma extract.

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The type of ganoderma used in gano coffee actually grows as Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma Lucidum is a rare mushroom that only grows in very specific conditions and on only certain types of trees. When the correct nutrients, including dead organic matter, tree bark, and soil, are present with the correct environmental conditions then "ganoderma lucidum" will grow. It is rare, and only grows on about 1% of the coniferous and hardwood species of trees. But it is harvested and utilized in many different types of ganoderma products.

The red mushroom utilized in Ganoderma Coffee is actually mentioned in the writings of the ancient Taoists who searched for the recipe for eternal youth. Ganoderma has been called “The Herb of Immortality,” “The King of the Herbs,” “God’s Herb,” and even “The Elixir of Eternal Youth.”

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The Ganoderma used in ganoderma coffee usually grows in thickly-wooded forests with high humidity and very little lighting. These are the perfect conditions for the mushrooms to grow and flourish.

Although it cannot be proven, legend has it that the very first Emperor of the Chin Dynasty (221-206 BC) sent an envoy of 500 handsome men and 500 gorgeous women to search for Ganoderma. This herb was rumored to be located on a mysterious island and it was said to bring the consumer long life and vitality, so the Emperor sent this convoy to find it. The legend states that this group of 1000 people never returned. It is said that these were the very first settlers and colonizers of the continent of Japan.

Ganoderma and ganoderma coffee are primarily thought to be a preventative measure, and not so much as a treatment. The old saying …an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… is taken very seriously by many who feel if they consume the ganoderma coffee it will mitigate many of the ill effects of poor health before they ever become a problem. With no known negative side effects, Ganoderma and ganoderma coffee are quickly growing in popularity and recognition throughout the world.

Although the reishi, or ganoderma, mushroom has long been expensive to purchase and very hard to find in large quantities, it has recently begun to be cultivated and grown indoors by people interested in its purported healing powers. With over 200 active nutrients, it has been widely sought after my many holistic and health clinics worldwide. This, along with some of the biopulping and biomediation characteristics of the herb, has made it one of the most popular medicinal herbs in the world.

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Some say there is a book called the "Shinnoh Honsohkyo" – the original textbook of Oriental medical science – which documents 365 different kinds of medicines and herbs. This book ranks each medicine as superior, average, or fair. According to reports, ganoderma is not only classified as a superior medicine in the Shinnoh Honsohkyo, but is rated #1 of all the 365 medicines and herbs reviewed in this book.

There are about 80 different species of ganoderma. Because of their wide use in traditional Asian medicines, they have proven to be an important species, economically-speaking. As the gano coffee continues to see great popularity outside of Asia, it stands to reason that it will become even more important economically.

The word ganoderma literally translates to mean shiny skin. The word actually comes from two Greek words meaning bright and sheen, in Greek ganos and yavoc. This makes sense since the red mushroom has a very shiny skin when seen in nature.

Not only does Ganoderma have a shiny skin, but also it usually grows in a fan or hoof pattern on the trunks of trees. Double-walled, this red mushroom is sometimes yellow or even dark brown. Ganoderma is a wood-decaying fungi and grows on both coniferous and hardwood species of trees.

Ganoderma is a white-rot fungus, and it has enzymes that allow it to break down the wood components.

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